Elm trees

Because of its natural environment, shielded by the South Downs and the sea, and because of the effort made to preserve them, Brighton & Hove is home to more than 17,000 Elms – one of the few species of larger trees that can thrive on the areas chalky, alkaline soil. The city has the largest collection of Elms in the UK and some of the oldest, rarest and most spectacular varieties in the world. Unesco’s decision in 2016 to designate the Brighton and Hove area as a World Biosphere site is partly a reflection of this. There are as many as 30 National Registered Champion Elms in the City and 15 individual trees are the very last examples of their types anywhere in the world. There are 2,160 street tree Elms in Hove . These days Elms being planted as street trees are species that are claimed to be disease resistant although this is an ongoing battle. About 100 new Elms have been planted recently through Hove Civic Society's campaign 'Restoring our Victorian Street Tree Heritage ' including these varieties:
Ulmus Clusius Ulmus Columnella Ulmus New Horizon
You can contribute to retaining and improving our street tree population by becoming one of Hove Civic Society’s Street Tree Angels or Cherubs and make a regular donation so we can continue to fund new street trees in Hove.