Rampion wind turbine

hove plinth

The icon is a model of wind turbine from the Rampion windfarm by E-On, which has recently been taking shape off the Brighton and Hove coast. It will be fully operational from 2018 and deliver sustainable energy to Sussex.

The wind farm represents a tremendous engineering feat:
116 turbines have been installed 13 km out from shore. Each turbine consists of an 80 metre tower, weighing approximately 200 tonnes, which has been lifted and positioned onto each foundation. A nacelle, fitted to the top of each tower, houses the generator and gearbox. Three blades, each measuring 55 metres in length have been hoisted and connected one at a time. The lay and burial of 112 kilometres of array cables, which connects the turbines to the offshore substation, before transporting power to shore, has also been completed. The wind farm is expected to have enough green electricity to power the equivalent of around 350,000 UK homes. This is equal to almost half of the homes in Sussex.